For many years, we have been developed and improved the software to responding to customer requirement both domestically and internationally. That was the beginning of the development of SimLex Series. We believe that this concept give the satisfaction to our customers.

Development Concept

 SimLex System was developed by 0-base development in Thailand.

Challenge of the 0-base development

SimLex Development Corporation will provide ERP System.

SimLex software series are developed by 0-base design for Thai employee entering and leaving.
Based on these concept, we provide ERP, Accounting system, Production Control, Sales System, Warehouse management System (WMS).
Everyone will be able to operate easier and can focus on the operation.

Use of without any further customization

System begins the obsolescence by customization

We are comfortable to hear customization, but we must put many cost. And at the same time of customization, System begins the obsolescence.

Software without customization

For this reason, we have been developed a software without customization
More than 80% of customers can use without additional customization.

 Simplification of the system and Prevention of input errors.

Simple and easy-to-use system

We develop simple and easy-to-use system. And we carefully selected masters and input items for simplification of system.
SimLex series can display screens of English, Thai and Japanese. And Japanese can understand Thai accounting.

Prevention of input errors

For prevention of input errors, user can use easily by the simple input method and checklists of input results.

SimLex program features

  Step-by-Step Usage and Upgade

SimLex software series have been developed in Thailand. The software can be run in accordance with various situations.
Users can upgrade from Production Control and Sales System to ERP system. And users can add the barcode system into the warehouse management system.

 Low-cost and short-term installation without customization

As SimLex series don’t need any further customization, users will need only software fee and installation fee.
Installation term is about 2 month for Accounting, about 3 month for Sales System and about 4 – 5 month for Production Control.

 Inventory accuracy is possible up to 98% or more

Inventory accuracy is possible up to 98% or more of Production Control.
SimLex Series have the simple input method, checklists of input results, edition of input error and inventory verification.
And inventory system can transfer Inventory data to accounting system.

 Production Control, Sales System and Accounting support to the BOI

Production Control, Sales management , Accounting system support to BOI. this is very important in Thailand.
SimLex Accounting System can record of BOI goods / non-BOI goods and connect own BOI to Customer BOI.
Accounting System can be input the journal according to BOI / non-BOI in Assets. Sales or Expense.

 Collaboration with EXCEL

Most data used in SimLex software can export Excel files. master data and transaction data can import or export from Excel data.

In addition, Users can design print formats by Excel as needed.

[Example : Local Invoice, Over Sea Invoice]

 Support of the cloud

Now, we have own server to True Center, The speed of Upload-Download up to is 100MB. Speed.
When Users use the cloud, own server is not required. You can also access the system from your home or Japanese office.

 Support of multilingual and multi-currencies

User can select Language at the system login. SimLex Series support to English, Japanese, Thai, Indonesian The system can switched language instantly.
Users can use any currency of use automatic rate or manual rate. When use the automatic rate, you can reduce to mistake.