Business Solution

SimLex Group provide following services for customer's request.

Implement service of Production Control and Sales System

・Training of Operation, Master construction, customization of software.
・Construction of initial inventory and checking of Inventory.
・Verify the accuracy of data, addtion of barcode systems.
・Management of MRP type or Lot Control Type, Order policy (Summary Days and summary quantity in MRP).

Follow-up of Production Control and Sale System

・Supports by Japanese or Thai and supports by remote.
・Version-up services of software, Customization of software.
・Consultation about the other operation.

Implement service of Accounting System

・Training of Operation, Master construction, Customization of Reports.
・Consultation on the initial balance and the start accounting.
・Real-time inventory management and accounting inventory management of assistance.
・Supports to production management and sales management

Accounting Service

・Instead Accounting (Inventory management of Invoice entry, Production Control and Sales System)
・Monthly salary income tax declaration, monthly VAT declaration, monthly Withholding Tax declaration.
・Social Security, Labor insurance annual.
・Trial balance, Balance Sheet, Account receivable, Accounts Payable, Inventory value, Sales results.
・Accounting supports of BOI, Interim results processing, Consolidated year-end closing.

 Option Accounting Service

・Creation of Accounting reports by Japanese language.
・Tax refund and BOI accounting declaration.
・Registering a new Social Security and removing.
・Introduction of the audit company by certified public accountant.
・Consultation on BOI and other.

Advice / Consulting about Production Control, Sales System and BOI accounting system

・Advice of accuracy of inventory, reducing inventory, production planning in Production Control and Sales System.
・Advise / counseling by specialists in Accounting.
・Advice / consultants about BOI account.