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Summary of SimLex ERP System

ERP Module List

SimLex ERP System is one of few ERP System in Thailand. ERP system is a combination of Production Control, Sales System and Accounting System into one system.
Sales Control will integrate with accounting systems such as Invoice, Advance, Debit Note and Credit Note.
These data will be connected to Accounting systems when approved. Production Control and Sales Control will include Material Requirements Planning (MRP),Master production schedule (MPS), Purchasing, Inventory, cost control.

Functional Overview of SimLex ERP

SimLex Series has Production Control and Accounting as main function. Users can operate easily, because Production Control is made as standard Production Control.
Accounting System is localized in Thailand and Indonesia.
Japanese or local staff can use easily,because SimLex Series has Menu of same business flow.

  Sales Control

Basic business flow is Quotation→customer's P/O input→Delivery Note→Delivery result→Invoice input. Customer P/O and Invoice are needed to Approve.

  Purchase Control

Basic business flow is P/O Entry / Report→P/O Approval→Received Result Entry→Supplier Invoice Entry→Invoice Approval.


Basic business flow is Release Order after MRP or Additional Order→RM Picking Result Entry→Production Result Entry.

Production Control

Basic business flow is Release Order after MRP or Additional Order→RM Picking Result Entry→Production Result Entry.

  Stock Control

Basic business flow is Inventory Stock Process→Receive / Issue, Stock Movement, Stock Transfer, Receive / Issue History. Actual Stock is updated immediately.


Accounting System supports Voucher Entry, Received Entry, Payment Entry, Bank Transaction Entry, Fix Assets, Recurring Entry, AR Control, AP Control, Debit Note, Credit Note and various reports.

Production Control Process List

Sales Control

  • Users can make a Quotation. If Item code does not exist in Item Master, Item will be created automatically. After Quotation is created, Users can enter automatically from a Quotation.
  • Issue local invoices and Export invoices.
  • Trade condition for standard export invoices has CIF,FOB,C&F,DDP and DDU.
  • Issuing export invoices And picking document.
  • Shipping to both domestic and international.
  • The deposit input, Debit Note and Credit Note
  • Issue quotations.
  • P/O,Invoice approval
  • Customer specific for sales performance by classification large/middle/small.
  • Bill Of Material(BOM)
  • Monthly progress,Monthly Schedule and weekly Schedule.

Master Production Schedule(MPS)

  • From customer P/O, and lot split, if necessary can change the delivery date and quantity.
  • The unofficial data of customer can always be changed.
  • Display inventory from the production planning.

Material Requirements Planning(MRP)

  • Standard production planning can calculate Materials required every time.
  • Normally the inventory used to MRP can support with serial numbers.
  • The period for delivery can assign to the official and unofficial.
  • Maximum required will calculation period is one year.
  • You can calculate the time and production processing at the same time.
  • Effective stock checking by MRP simulation.

Production Control

  • After Release Order by MRP, users can print Production Order List (By Order No. or Production No.).
  • Users can print Picking List (By Order NO. or Production No.). And users can enter Picking Result
  • If production is finished, you can enter Production Quantity, NG Quantity, Lot No., Location. At the same time of production entry, users can enter the Defectives.
  • If Production Result is entered by Lot No., you can execute Lot Trace and Actual Stock by Lot No..
  • Inputting P/O, Invoice approval.
  • Production Control reports are Production Slip, Back Order List, Production Result list.

 Purchase Control

  •  SimLex supports foreign Currency and you can enter P/O. Purchase Price Mater supports expired date and unit price by lot size.
  • After P/O is entered and printed, you can enter received result. SimLex supports to split received quantity.
  • Users can enter Advance, Debit Note or Credit Note. Debit Note or Credit Note is used for unit price adjustment.
  • Purchase Reports are P/O Back Order Report, Merchandise Received Sheet for Item, Monthly Receive Schedule Report.
  • Accounting Payable (AP) Reports are AP History Reports, Aged Payable Detail / Summary, Creditor Card.
  • Actual Purchase reports are Actual Purchase by Item, Actual Purchase by Supplier.

Stock Control

  • The creation of inventory in each location.
  • Edit the inventory data created and creating monthly inventory to be actual stock.
  • Display monthly stock.

Receive / Issue Control

  • Standard warehouse processing,Enter product receiving into warehouse.
  • Stock movement processing, moving between location.
  • Stock transfer processing,Enter the material transfer between locations.
  • Display of stock movement and stock transfer result.
  • Display of loading history.

Actual Stock

  • Actual Stock by Location, the days of stock-in and stock-out and stock value.
  • Actual stock by Item, stock value, quantity of purchase order(include Safety Stock).
  • Display balance of inventory by actual stock.

Fundamental Master

  • Calendar,Country,Currency and Rate,Tax Master.
  • Payment terms master,Bank Master,Customer's bank master,Company master,Customer master,Supplier master.
  • Person Master,Warehouse master,Area master,Location master,Classification master.
  • Process master,Equipment master,Quality of Defective Master,BOI Master.
  • Production Item Master, Purchase Item Master,Subcontract Master,Model Master.
  • Structure master,Structure Display,Price master,Category master.

Accounting Process

Journal Entry

・Voucher Entry, Received Voucher, Payment Voucher Entry
・Debit / Credit adjustment function.
・Easy search function of the general ledger and Another account journal history search.
・Input fixed asset, monthly journal processing.
・Print of cash flow to recorded.

Bank Transaction

・Input processing of bank transaction.
・Input processing of Cheque receipt.
・Input Processing of Cheque payment.

Monthly Process

・Fix Journal
・Create Fix Asset Journal and Recurring Journal.
・Recalculate AR, AP, Bank, Cash.
・Create Periodic Inventory Journal.

Accounting Reports

・Chart of Accounts,General ledger,Receipt details,Billing details,Journal voucher,Fixed asset.
・Trial balance,Balance sheet,Profit and loss statement,Cash flow,Production cost.
・Fixed asset Entry,Fixed asset depreciation details,Fixed asset spreadsheet.
・Journal schedule, journal balance, journal summary schedule.
・Bank report,cheque receipt,cheque payment,Returned goods,Returned cheque.
・Customer accounts receivable,Aged receivable detail,Aged receivable summary.
・Supplier accounts receivable,Ages payable detail,Aged payable summary.
・Customer sales details,Item sales details,Sales Tax for Submission to Tax Office,Withholding Tax for submission to Tax Office.
・Supplier purchases details,Item purchases details,Purchase Tax and withholding Tax for submission to Tax Office.