A new generation PC app (functionality similar to mobile apps)

The SimLex series is a new generation PC applications. You can easily get updates from the cloud, just like your mobile app. We provide a system that facilitates automatic updates, which has been considered very difficult for business software such as customized ERP and production control systems.

It's advantage is

-Users who pay the maintenance fee can upgrade the version free of charge.

- All your PC will be updated from the cloud without affecting your customizations.

- Can be used easily on the latest Windows, and is easily supported by vendors.

-The version upgrade program adds functions and fixes bugs, so you can always use new functions.

Important points of the Production Control System (Webinar Documents)

SimLex series

SimLex ERP is the top software of SimpLex series and include Accounting and Production Control (Sales System). Most of our customers use ERP system.


SimLex Accounting is developed according to Thai and Indonesian Standard Accounting with multiple languages and multi-currency. Users can do international trading. This software can print Tax documents for the tax office of Thailand. If adding Production Control or Sales System, users can upgrade to ERP System.


SimLex Production Control is designed for using without any customization. Users can use by simple operation and users can control Inventory easily. If adding Accounting System, users can upgrade to ERP System.


SimLex Scheduler can be linked with host system SimLex ERP or SimLex Production Control. SimLex Scheduler is automatic scheduler and after scheduling, you can edit schedule result easily by manual.


SimLex Sales System is designed for using without any customization. Users can control Inventory by Lot No.. If adding Accounting System, users can upgrade to ERP System.


This software is used to conrol inventory of Finish Good, Work in Process and Purchase item. Users can use Delivery, Production Order/ Result, Purchase Receive and Receive / Issue Control. This software supports Inventory by Lot No.. If adding modules, users can upgrade to Production System and add Barcode System.


Barcode System is the software added Barcode to Stock Control, This System supports Barcode scanners of special OS and Barcode scanners of Windows OS. We released a barcode system using the tablet terminal.


Sales control supports Customer's PO, Delivery and Invoice. Purchase Control supports Purchase Order and Purchase Invoice. Users can print Invoice, Delivery Note and Purchase P/O from EXCEL. If adding Production Control and a Accounting System, users can upgrade to ERP System.


This WMS software can be used in warehouse only. Users can use Receive schedule, Stock-in, Delivery schedule and Picking. this WMS has units such as PCS.,Roll, Box, Ball, Bundle, PB, FL,etc. Moreover, this software can calculate cost of Storage Fee, Loading Fee and Staffing Fee.


SimLex Payroll is system for Employment and Payroll. This system can respond to Thai Tax and links to SimLex Accounting. And it can automatically print documents submitted to Thai tax office.