For selecting the Correct Stock Control System

Stock Control systems are very deep.
What do you base your selection of an Stock Control system on?
In fact, Stock Control systems have a variety of functions and are quite profound.

Even if you say you are going to implement an Stock Control system in a nutshell, there are differences in the functions of different Stock Control systems. Functionally, there are those that manage only the number of items in stock, those that manage the amount of stock, those that manage stock by lot, those that automatically consume child items, those that manage Stock Cards that must be submitted to the tax office, and those that use barcodes for receiving and paying.

The most frightening thing is that if you choose a system that is not functionally developed, you will have to purchase a new system again.

◆Details of each function

  1. (1) Would like to grasp the number of inventories and the number of receipts and deliveries in real time.If the receipt/receipt table can be input by item, the number of inventory items can be grasped in real time.
  2. 2) I want to manage the amount of inventory.In order to set the amount of inventory, it is necessary to enter the purchase price, and in the case of foreign currency, it is necessary to take into account the exchange rate, customs duties, and transportation costs.In the case of foreign currencies, it is necessary to take into account exchange rates, customs duties, transportation costs, etc.
  3. Want to manage inventory by lot.In order to manage inventory by lot, a physical inventory slip with lot number must be attached to the physical inventory at the time of receipt, and the lot number must be attached at the time of delivery.Lot No. must be entered at the time of delivery.
  4. Want to automatically consume child items (materials and work in process).We would like to automatically register the delivery data for materials and work-in-progress.Therefore, we would like to automatically register delivery data. For this purpose, we need a bill of materials.
  5. Want to print out Stock Cards that are required to be submitted to the tax office.System should can calculate inventory by FIFO, Moving Average, Monthly Average, Specific Identification, Identification, etc. as inventory calculation methods.
  6. Want to do lot tracing.Assuming that inventory is managed by lot, we need a positive development to trace materials from finished goods and a reverse development to trace finished goods from materials.
  7. want to input production records from a barcode terminal.Enter production results at the time of production using a barcode terminal. The order No. on the production order form is read, or the item code on the actual item form is read, and the quantity is entered. or read the item code on the actual item slip and enter the quantity.
  8. Want to input manufacturing man-hours from a barcode terminal.The production results are input from the barcode terminal and at the same time, the manufacturing man-hours are input.Automatic input is difficult with a barcode terminal, so an IOT device that automatically inputs the data is required.

    Summary of Choosing the Right Stock Control System

    As described above, Stock Control has a wide scope, but software that implements the functions from (1) to (8) from the beginning is desirable. Note that when software with half-baked functions is implemented, the worst-case scenario is that a new software will have to be purchased.

    Let’s take a look at how the actual SimLex inventory management system works.



    .Inventory Management System Inventory Amount


    2-1.Stock control system receiving process

    2-1.Warehousing in Stock Control Systems – Purchase Order Printing (with Barcode)

    2-2.Stock control system receiving process

    2-2.Stock control system receiving process – Purchases receiving process

  9. 2-3.Stock control system receiving process

     2-3.Stock control system receiving process – Item-by-item receiving process

  10. 2-4.Stock control system receiving process

    2-4.Stock control system receiving process in the stock control system – Production records receiving process

  11. 3-1.Stock control system outbound processing

    3-1.Stock control system for outgoing transactions – Outgoing Production (Sub-Item Consumption)

  12. 3-2.Stock control system outbound processing

    3-2.Outgoing Receipt Processing in a Stock Control System – Outgoing Receipt Processing of Outgoing Shipments

  13. 3-3.Stock control system outbound processing

     3-3.Itemized Issue Processing in a Stock Control System – Itemized Issue Processing


    4-1.Stock control system stock settings by lot

    4-1.Stock control system – Lot-by-lot inventory setup

  14. 5-1.Set up inventory calculation method for stock control system

    5-1.Stock control system – Inventory calculation method settings

  15. 6-1.Stock card printing for stock control system

     6-1.Stock control system – Print Stock Card (must be submitted to the Thai Revenue Department)

    7-1.Lot tracing in stock control system

    7-1.Stock control system – Lot trace (forward and reverse expansion)


    Developmet Co., Ltd. Toshio Koga

    After graduating from Kyushu University, he worked for a major bearing company and experienced process design in the production technology laboratory. After that, he established SimLex Development Co., Ltd. in Thailand, where he has been developing and selling ERP, production management systems, and accounting systems from zero-based systems up to the present.